Hi, I'm Nicole Kalucki! I graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2020 with a BS in environmental design and a minor in studio art. Studying at ASU taught me a lot about how people interact with design and how it can influence different audiences, something I continue to incorporate into my work
to this day. 
More recently, I graduated with my Associates degree in graphic design this May, and am finishing up my final semester for my certifications in print process management and visual branding. Studying at the award-winning visual communication program at Scottsdale Community College has let me discover my passion for the print side of graphic design. I love the thrill of seeing my digital creations come to life in a tangible way on the press. As a designer, I am also passionate about continually learning new techniques and honing my skills.
In my spare time I enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter, reading every book I  get my hands on, and baking treats for my friends and family!
Check out my resume below!
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